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Corporate Historyias of December 30, 2007j
1997 June Akiyama Internet Services Japan Established
July Started pre-registration of AISNET Service
Oct. Opened Toyama Network Operation Center
Launched AISNET Service
1998 Apr. Opened Atsugi Office
Aug. Opened Kashiwa Network Operation Center
1999 Apr. Opened Yokohama Network Operation Center
Closed Kashiwa Network Operation Center
July Closed Toyama Network Operation Center
Sep. Opened Tokyo 2 (Kojimachi) Network Operation Center
Launched AISNET Special Edition Serice
Nov. Opened Tokyo 1 (Ariake) Network Operation Center
Closed Yokohama Network Operation Center
2000 Mar. Closed Atsugi Office
Oct. Changed organization name to AIS Japan
Opened Osaka Network Operation Center
2001 Apr. Started automatic contract renewal by automated account transfer billing
2002 Feb. Launched AIS4U Service (Merged AISNET Special Edition Service)
Closeed Tokyo 2 (Kojimachi) Network Operation Center
Apr. Opened Tama Satellite Office
Aug. Opened Tokyo-Oi Data Center
Sep. Closed Tokyo 1 (Ariake) Network Operation Center
Renewed service lines (Merged AIS4U and AISNET Service)
2003 Feb. Closed Osaka Network Operation Center
Mar. Opened Tokyo-Akihabara Data Center
Dec. Opened Osaka-Fukushima Data Center
2004 Feb. Closed Tama Sattelite Office
Mar. Closed Tokyo-Akihabara Data Center
Sep. Closed Osaka-Fukushima Data Center
Opened Nagoya-Nishiki Data CEnter
Nov. AIS Axes Established
Dec. Acquired Tokyo-Oi Data Center from AIS Japan
2005 Feb. Acquired Nagoya-Nishiki Data Centerfrom AIS Japan
Acquired Network Service Business from AIS Japan
Started Business Operation of AIS Axes
2007 June Closed Nagoya-Nishiki Data Center
Dec. Opened Tokyo-Meguro Data Center
Closed Tokyo-Oi Data Center

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